A New Generation of Leadership for the Town of Oyster Bay

Jared Behr

Democratic Candidate
for Oyster Bay Supervisor

Jared Behr was born and raised on Long Island. Now, as a husband and father raising two young children in the Town of Oyster Bay, he is driven to lead this robust and dynamic community. Jared is a practicing attorney who understands the current needs of the Town’s residents, business owners, and families.

Jared is a former Long Island prosecutor who served several years in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, where he never lost a jury trial. He maintains a strong commitment to fighting crime on Long Island and keeping our community safe.

After his father’s death in 2011, Jared left the DA’s Office and took over his family’s small business, during which time he was recognized as a “Top 10 Industry Leader Under 40.” He knows how challenging it is to run a business and will work to ensure that small business owners thrive in the Town.

His motivation to serve the public dates back to High School, when he worked for Congressman Steve Israel. Jared saw firsthand how good government can improve lives. However, Jared is truly inspired by his mother, who recently passed away after a year-long battle with cancer. “My Mom was a proud Democrat and strong advocate for women’s rights. I am running for Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor in her honor,” he said.

In 2022, Jared ran the New York City Marathon as a member of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s charity team and raised over $10,000 for rare cancer research. You can often find him running in local events, or just throughout the neighborhood.

Jared’s experience in business and government makes him uniquely qualified to bring a much-needed change in leadership to the Town of Oyster Bay.

Why I’m Running

As the Democrat running for Supervisor, my mission is to create a government that serves all Town residents, regardless of zip code or political party. I believe everyone deserves access to quality services, safe neighborhoods, and a thriving local economy.

My vision is to create a Town that is inclusive and equitable for all residents. This will be achieved by reducing wasteful spending, promoting smart development, protecting our environmental resources, and revitalizing our downtowns. I will re-invest in safer, well-maintained roads across the Town, improve access to mental health services, and celebrate the Town’s growing diversity.

I will lead a transparent government and end the pay-to-play patronage system that has plagued our Town for decades.

I am not a career politician. I am a husband, father, former prosecutor, and taxpayer who thinks our government should not increase spending every year while not providing more services to all.

If elected, I will work every day to improve the lives of all residents. The goal of my campaign is to give our community a government that it can trust. With your support, we can build a better, stronger, more prosperous future for the Town of Oyster Bay.


A New Generation of Leadership

• Reduce wasteful spending •
• Ensure representation for ALL Communities •
• Provide equitable services for the entire Town •
• Reinvest in safer well-maintained roads •
• Protect environmental resources and water quality •
• Prioritize mental health services •
• End pay to play GOP politics and decades of corruption •
•Promote smart development and revitalize downtowns such as Hicksville •

how you can help


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Volunteer Today